Team Overview

Alloy Ventures is an interdisciplinary team that works together on every deal we do. We believe the cross-pollination of ideas and expertise among our team members creates stronger companies with broad market reach.

When we invest in a company, our entire team analyzes its model from all sides understanding the interwoven links between IT, science, medicine, and markets that will help it succeed. Sometimes, that allows us to invest in companies that span disciplines such as a cleantech firm that leverages the power of semiconductors, or a medical device company based on the principles of micro-robotics. Our core team has worked together for over 15 years, and our new partners have brought unique industry experience and a fresh perspective. Today, the Alloy team counts business experts, engineers, technologists, doctors, and scientists with a broad range of insights, experience and investment styles. Together, we have identified and helped nurture some of the most successful global companies.


» Ammar Hanafi
» Michael Hunkapiller
» Doug Kelly
» Dan Rubin
» John Shoch
» Craig Taylor

Team Members

» Tony Di Bona, CFO, General Partner
» Leighton Read, Venture Partner
» David Pidwell, Venture Partner