Current Investments

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Cloud service protecting against email threats to brands.
Provider of technology for mobile advertising, search and commerce.
Communication chips for networking and telecommunications
Transaction platform and intermediary for local delivery
  The GigaOM Network
Blogs for timely and actionable news
Software tools for heat-related problems on advanced ICs
Cloud service to access, send and share files and folders from anywhere
  Mavenir Systems
Enables messaging across all available mobile devices
  Molecular Imprints
Lithography equipment for nano and semi devices
ICs for desktop virtualization enabling PC-over-IP
SaaS sales performance management


“As venture capitalists go through the company vetting process, they often look to invest in teams of bright and proven entrepreneurs; so did Cortina with regards to selecting our investors. With Alloy Ventures, we found a firm that understands our industry, shares a common vision, and serves as a solid guide. We were very lucky to find a key advocate and partner for Cortina such as Alloy Ventures Partner Ammar Hanafi, who has helped us continue to build a solid platform for growth."

– Amir Nayyerhabibi, CEO, Cortina Systems