Current Investments

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  Aegea Medical
Medical device technology for the in-office treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding
Cloud service protecting against email threats to brands.
Emerging leading in antibody discovery and optimization.
Provider of technology for mobile advertising, search and commerce.
Electronic materials for the display industry
CoAlign Innovations

Spinal implants for treatment of lower back pain
Communication chips for networking and telecommunications
Transaction platform and intermediary for local delivery
"Metabolic engineering" for renewable production of commodity chemicals
  The GigaOM Network
Blogs for timely and actionable news
Software tools for heat-related problems on advanced ICs
Cloud service to access, send and share files and folders from anywhere
Technology for improving antibody drugs
  KFx Medical
Device for percutaneous repair systems for rotator cuff repair
  Labcyte Inc.
Developer of ultrasound-based and other instruments for drug discovery and development.
  Mavenir Systems
Enables messaging across all available mobile devices
  Molecular Imprints
Lithography equipment for nano and semi devices
  Novasys Medical
Catheter for treating female urinary stress incontinence
  NuGEN Technologies
Tools for genetic analysis
Laser based opthamology instruments
  Pacific Biosciences
Ultra-fast DNA sequencing. (NYSE: PACB)

RainDance Technologies
Platform for droplet-based microfluidics

  Restoration Robotics
Robotic tools for cosmetic surgery
Materials company developing solutions for low-cost, high-efficiency silicon products
Siluria Technologies

Catalytic process for the direct conversion of natural gas to value-added chemicals and fuels
Contact lenses delivering high visual acuity and comfort
ICs for desktop virtualization enabling PC-over-IP
SaaS sales performance management


“Alloy Ventures is exceptional as an investor that adds true strategic value. Dan Rubin and Ammar Hanafi's extensive background in business development, sales and marketing is invaluable to Teradici as the company drives PC over IP into a major platform for remote computing, desktop virtualization, and PC as a Service (PCaaS). Their strategic insight and industry relationships are second to none.”

– Dan Cordingley, President and CEO, Teradici