Life Sciences

From global successes like Amgen and Applied Biosystems, to emerging innovators like Barrx, Fluidigm, and Pacific Biosciences, Alloy Ventures has been investing in market-leading life sciences companies for decades.

We invest in three sub-sectors of the Life Sciences sector: Medical Devices, Laboratory Instrumentation, and Diagnostics. By cultivating synergies between our Life Sciences portfolio companies, and leveraging our team’s cross-functional expertise, the Alloy team is helping build a new generation of profitable Life Sciences leaders that will make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of millions of people.

Medical Devices

Alloy invests in entrepreneurs developing next-generation medical devices that make patient care better, faster, cheaper, and more cost-effective. We seek to fund companies developing innovative implantables, disposables, catheters, and capital equipment, especially those devices with straightforward clinical and regulatory pathways, with either self-pay or pre-existing reimbursement.

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Laboratory Instrumentation

As the drug discovery market matures and development lifecycles become longer, advanced laboratory instrumentation tools are needed to harness the power of biology and biotechnology to develop the newest drugs. Alloy invests in companies developing laboratory instrumentation products – including rapid sequencing tools, detection and analysis platforms, and microfluidic technology – that solve critical challenges in the drug development process.

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The first step in advancing medical care is improving diagnostics. At Alloy Ventures, we invest in companies developing new diagnostic tools and processes, especially at the molecular level, that enable medical professionals to more easily diagnose, assess, and treat illnesses and diseases – without resorting to invasive and costly procedures.

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