Information Technology

Over the past 30 years, the partners of Alloy Ventures have helped build global market leaders in the technology sector, from Remedy Corp. and Nuance Communications, to Applied Micro Circuits and Therma-Wave.

We invest in four sub-sectors of IT: Software, Systems, Mobile, and Semiconductors. By working with research institutions, serial entrepreneurs, and our extensive network in Silicon Valley and beyond, Alloy identifies promising technology companies early in their lifecycle, sometimes incubating them from scratch, and accompanies them to market-leadership. At Alloy, we leverage the strengths of our interdisciplinary team to back technology innovations that are not only changing the way we do business and conduct our lives, but are impacting all aspects of society from medicine and energy, to education and industry.


The software industry is in a state of rapid evolution, enabled by Internet connectivity and the rapid adoption of web-enabled applications. At Alloy, we invest in companies that have the ambition to be the next break-out software leaders. Were looking for software that transforms the way we work and live, including the next great consumer applications and platforms transforming enterprise infrastructure to make work more productive and profitable.

Consumer Internet Applications

The Internet has transformed the way consumers work, communicate, interact, shop, and entertain themselves and the pervasiveness of online connectivity will only continue to spread. Alloy invests in companies creating innovative Internet applications and services that engage consumers, drive long-term traffic growth, and generate solid revenues. As social networking, e-commerce, online video, and other applications become integrated into the fabric of consumer society, Alloy will fund the companies that turn these phenomena into lasting, profitable companies.

Infrastructure Software and Enterprise Applications

In a highly competitive landscape, businesses need the most sophisticated tools to meet their daily challenges. Software whether its an application delivered via a software-as-a-service model or a next-generation infrastructure solution is key to boosting productivity and profits. Alloy invests in companies creating the applications that organizations need to remain nimble in a fast-moving market, as well as the infrastructure solutions that form the backbone of their businesses.

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The systems that form the backbone of technological innovation are evolving at the speed of light. From virtualized datacenters and distributed architecture systems, to new types of network infrastructure and next generation computing devices, Alloy Ventures seeks to invest in the latest advances that will change the way companies operate and people communicate in the coming decades. Finding and funding the innovations that are truly transforming the systems architecture requires vision and patience and the Alloy team has a wealth of experience in infrastructure systems that will drive this change.

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The mobile Internet has finally arrived, and with it, a plethora of opportunities for companies building the next generation of mobile infrastructure, applications, and services that will make a lasting impact on this nascent market. Alloy is looking to fund groundbreaking mobile companies that are building out the wireless Internet, developing the backend software that powers the devices in our pockets, and creating new applications to help people work smarter and connect better in an untethered world.

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Alloy Ventures has unparalleled experience investing in the semiconductor sector, and continues to lead the charge to find, fund, and grow the next generation of semi leaders. In a mature and commoditized industry, Alloy invests in the systems and services enabling new forms of IP management, distribution, and technology application across diverse industries. Were especially eager to invest in companies applying the technological principles of semiconductors to new markets, such as solar energy and virtualized computing.

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