Cleantech is large and difficult to define market, spanning alternative energy production and distribution, bio-agriculture, clean water technologies, waste reduction, and beyond.

But one thing is clear: there is a critical need to create companies that help reduce fossil fuel consumption and stem the negative impacts of climate change. Building on our deep expertise in biotechnology and semiconductors, Alloy invests in cleantech companies in the Solar and Biotech fields that are applying the principles of sciences and technology to develop products or services with definable end markets. The next generation of cleantech leaders won’t just solve a societal problem, but do so profitably and sustainably.


At Alloy, we seek to invest in companies in the solar ecosystem that are applying the principles of semiconductor technologies, proven distribution systems, and market dynamics to create lasting energy solutions for our planet. In other words, we are more likely to invest in a company whose patented intellectual property can help make the solar cell manufacturing process cheaper, easier, and more efficient, than we are in a company that actually manufactures solar cells. By investing in the companies that provide the next generation of tools and technologies to the solar industry, Alloy is helping advance the solar market from a cottage industry to a mass-market solution.

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At Alloy, we leverage the deep expertise of our partners in the biotech field – some of our partners have been at the forefront of biotech development for over 25 years – to identify new companies creating a bridge between biotech research and cleantech innovation. We’re investing in the next generation of cleantech market leaders that are leveraging biological solutions to either create new products that reduce reliance on fossil fuels, such as environmentally-friendly industrial plastics manufactured from cell-modified crops, or creating new sources of energy from plant and cell-based sources, such as next generation biofuels. By bringing the rigors of biotech research to the forward-thinking cleantech sector, Alloy is helping build lasting, profitable companies that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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