Alloy Ventures invests in forward-thinking companies in the Life Sciences, IT, and Cleantech sectors, working with excellent entrepreneurs to create lasting global market leaders.

We identify synergies across our portfolio companies, building bridges across sectors if it helps advance a company’s growth. More and more, our team works together to identify companies that leverage advances in multiple sectors – such as biotech and semiconductors, or robotics and medicine – to create cross-sector success stories. We believe the next wave of innovation will come from tearing down the long-established silos between sectors, and bringing together innovators from diverse backgrounds to build market leaders in their fields.

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“You should always select your partners well when undertaking any endeavor, and this maxim is especially true when launching a company or enterprise. Doug Kelly and Alloy Ventures have been a significant asset to Aegea Medical and its vision through times of change and growth. Doug's commitment to improve the standard of care in the clinical arena empowers the team and his business acumen drives practical strategies. Doug's contributions have been a critical facet of our development.

– Don Gurskis, CEO, Aegea Medical