Company History

A 30-Year Track Record

Alloy Ventures was founded in 1996 when Craig Taylor, John Shoch, Doug Kelly, and Tony Di Bona took on the management of the three institutional venture capital funds of Asset Management, dating back to 1982. Today the firm has a team of six general partners managing five subsequent funds with commitments in excess of $1 billion. Together, the partners of Alloy Ventures have helped start and cultivate more than 200 successful companies in the fields of IT, Life Sciences, and Cleantech. Alloy also works with experienced venture partners and hosts entrepreneurs-in-residence, helping them foster new business ideas and incubating their early companies from the earliest stages.

Alloy prides itself on the depth and breadth of its partners’ experience and knowledge; some of our partners have been in the venture capital business for over 30 years and our core team has worked together for decades. The addition of three investment partners since 2002, each with specific industry expertise, has enabled Alloy to build new connections across emerging industries. Every Alloy partner, whether they’ve been with the firm since the beginning or have recently joined, plays a pivotal role in evaluating investment ideas, building on their diverse knowledge to identify emerging innovations across IT, Life Sciences, and Cleantech. The Alloy team has doctors, scientists, business leaders, investment experts, and technology mavens – and our mix of styles, philosophies, and experiences has led Alloy to create some of the most innovative and successful global companies.

“Ammar Hanafi at Alloy has been instrumental in helping GigaOM think through different revenue and economic models as the digital media landscape changes. Ammar understands our industry, is extremely well connected and has been a very strategic partner to us.”

– Paul Walborsky, CEO, The GigaOM Network